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What is the SPC lock floor?

Why SPC lock floor popular than ordinary flooring?

What is the benefit of SPC Vinyl Click floor?


SPC floor is the preferred choice for environmentally friendly flooring materials.

In recent years, along with the emergence of new consumer groups and the birth of new consumer demand, the introduction of new decorative materials in Europe and the United States has kept the flooring industry in turmoil in terms of integration, reshuffle and market adjustment. Traditional solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, the three pillars or will be broken. A "non-stone, non-wood, non-carpet" the latest ground material "SPC SnapLock floor" a sudden emergence, SPC Locking floor in Europe and the United States developed countries and the Asia-Pacific market is popular because of its excellent stability and durability, both solved Solid wood flooring, laminate flooring susceptible to damp deformation mildew, but also solve the formaldehyde and other environmental protection decoration materials, in line with the requirements of high-end customers at home and abroad. The future has come, many office, hotel, business, home and other indoor places have chosen SPC Locking floor.


SPC is an English abbreviation of "Stone plastic composite". It is a new type of eco-friendly flooring developed based on high technology. It has the features of zero formaldehyde, mildew proof, moisture proof, fire prevention, pest control and simple installation.


SPC Flooring with natural stone powder and resin powder as the substrate, the surface covered with polymer wear-resistant layer, the hot pressing and other processes on the hundreds of processing, making the whole do not use glue, paint and other substances containing formaldehyde, toluene. Product materials environmental non-toxic formaldehyde-free, water sterilization, easy installation, realistic lines, super wear-resistant waterproof, fire-retardant high temperature, is the twenty-first century representatives of high-tech new ground materials. It is because of SPC Click Vinyl Plank Floors excellent stability and durability, such flooring in Europe and the United States has been very popular in developed countries.

Advantages: a wide range of floor prices; wide range of applications; stain, acid reduction is good, maintenance-free; flexible, non-slip performance; wear, antibacterial, insects, mildew; dimensional stability, not Will be affected by temperature and humidity deformation; safety, environmental protection without formaldehyde; noise and noise reduction, comfortable feet; color, pattern rich, fully meet the individual design needs; fire performance B1 level; light weight, reduce the load bearing the floor, floor joints less.

Scope: schools, hospitals, offices, factories, shopping malls, cars, ships, subways, trains, homes, laboratories, laboratories, research, stairs, nursing homes, libraries, theaters and other venues.

SPC flooring China is non-slip and anti-slip reaches the European standard R9. The heat transfer coefficient is low, so the anti-skid performance is excellent. Compared with ordinary tiles and stones, the SPC floor feels more sturdy in the case of sticky water, and it is not easy to slip, so in public places with high safety requirements such as toilets and bathrooms. Hospitals, kindergartens, nursing centers, rehabilitation centers, schools, etc. are the preferred floor decoration materials, which have become very popular in China in recent years.

We are always ready to provide you with quality service, for you to create a warm, comfortable environment, has won widespread praise customers, creating quality projects for customers, the company mainly produces pvc floor business, homogeneous through the heart floor, Stone Plastic Floor, rubber floor, etc., our company's aim: integrity, quality first, quality service, build industry-leading service platform. Great dragon pvc floor is widely used in residential, office buildings, schools, medical institutions, factories, sports fields, engine room, traffic things and facilities of the ground pavement, your support is our motivation, your needs is our pursue.

Czech Republic's services for the company to establish a good corporate image, with a professional training, excellent quality and experienced PVC flooring professional sales and construction team, the 3C Industrial will strive for excellence, your satisfaction is our goal, the company set Consulting, design, sales, installation, nursed back to health.

3C pvc flooring manufacturers, integrity, dedication to the general customer service.

TF: Talk about this SPC category and its makeup.

Erramuzpe: Today, WPC is an ideal product for residential applications and for light commercial applications as well. SPC, which is the newest entry in the category, introduced about two years ago, has a totally different core. The core itself is about 70% calcium carbonate about 25% PVC with no foaming agent, making its core very solid. It’s really a solid polymer core and on top of the core there is not a layer of WPC anymore but a wear layer is fused directly onto the core in a one-step process. As a result, it is a product that is much less expensive, easier and less capital-intensive to produce. One piece of equipment can actually make this product.

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We attempt to separate WPC and SPC. They actually complement each other. WPC is more for the residential environment, while SPC would be more for the commercial environment because it is so dense. It is not prone at all to indentation.

TF: Talk about the growth you are seeing in SPC.

Erramuzpe: SPC is growing quite well and quite quickly now, and the reasons are two-fold. A number of newcomers are jumping on SPC. There are fewer manufacturers of WPC in China than of SPC because SPC is so easy and inexpensive to produce compared to WPC. Because SPC is less expensive, many newcomers are coming into the category. Tel: +44 (0)7788 665955

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