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The most disruptive innovation in the flooring industry since the advent of Linoleum which was invented by Frederick Edward Walton in 1855.He discovered that combining Linseed oil with cork and colouring agents it produced a useful material for floor covering and in 1863 patented this new material. Walton called this new cloth "linoleum".

The flooring industry evolved and along came carpeting to cover the “Lino” ?

When the consumer got fed up with carpets along came “Laminate” which used Formaldehyde to bond the layers together

 Formaldehyde exposure may potentially cause a variety of symptoms and adverse health effects, such as eye, nose, throat, and skin irritation, coughing, wheezing, and allergic reactions. Long-term exposure to high levels of formaldehyde has been associated with cancer in humans and laboratory animals.

Along comes SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) which does not require bonding agents and all the rest is history !!

Then the new fad for outside space became the big thing some 15 years ago which pushed the demand for timber through the roof and consequently the ‘ECO’ system was about to change so composites were introduced to replace timber

WPC (Wood-plastic composites) were first introduced into the decking and flooring market in the early 1990s but had some short comings and environmental issues.As products evolve and progress most of these issues have now been overcome with various additives and the innovation of co-extrusion.

Co-extrusion is the covering of an advanced tough plastic shield encasing all four sides around the inner WPC core. The shield and core are extruded together under a very high temperature simultaneously, so there are no adhesives or chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Along comes SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) which does not require bonding agents and all the rest is history !!

Co-extrusion gives a natural wood finish in many different colours and embossing which makes it more durable, stain resistant, more attractive, scratch resistant, and more reliable.


SPC & WPC Colour Collection

The collection offers a variety of popular traditional and exotic hardwood looks.

The collection features fashionable wood and stone visuals in a range of colours.

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